Introduction to Drupal

February 18, 2013

When building a website there are several Content Management Systems available to choose from to help in developing the framework for the site. Drupal is a popular choice for building anything from large, complex systems to simple blog and brochure-ware sites. At this meeting Corey Pennycuff will introduce you to Drupal so that you can experiment and build your own websites with no previous experience required. He will also see many places that Drupal is lurking on the Internet, perhaps even running some of your favorite websites!

Corey is a long-time Drupal developer, having eight years of experience creating Drupal sites. He has worked both in freelance and salaried work, and is currently a developer for Choice Wireless. He has authored three contrib modules on the website, one of which is in the 96th percentile of popularity. Corey recently completed a Masters in Computer Science at Midwestern State University and is in the process of applying for a Ph.D. program to further his studies.

This talk will be part 2 of a 3 part talk about blogging and content management systems. Part 1 focused on WordPress, part 2 focuses on Drupal, and part 3 will focus on static generators like Jekyll.

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Each meeting is free to the public and runs from 7pm to 9pm with free chips, salsa, and soft drinks.